Product Ideal

Elematris was originally a beautiful world. However, the dark empire was rising and getting stronger, invading and destroying it.

To save his world, Origin opened the gate to the human world and sent his messengers to find people willing to help Elematris.

That’s how the adventure began! The messenger found some human helpers, Elementors, whose task is to lead and train the Elemons how to fight, as well as provide energy for them to evolve and become stronger.

With the supports of Elementors, more and more of the territory of Elematris was liberated. The Elemons that were formerly possessed by the Chaos (Corruptor) are purified and the land of Elemons gradually regains hope.

However, Corruptor did not give up easily, he led the 7 great generals from invisible realm to help him suppress the revolution. The battle became more persistent and difficult than ever…

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