In the world of Elematris, there are thousands of Elemons with different skills and attributes living together.

Players will lead their Elemons to fight to regain world peace, as well as win glory in battles with other players by arranging the appropriate squad to increase the victory rate in the war.

To own Elemon, you can summon Elemon with 3 options Basic, Advanced, Super, or you can buy Elemons that are being sold on the Marketplace.

Elemons is extremely rich and diverse


8 basic stats of Elemon:

  • HP (Health Point)

  • P.Atk (Physical Attack)

  • M.Atk (Magical Attack)

  • P.Def (Physical Defense)

  • M.Def (Magical Defense)

  • Speed

  • Dodge

  • Crit (Critical Hit)


There are 18 types of Elemons:

  • Nomal

  • Fire ---- Burns, burns health by % per turn after using skill

  • Water ---- High HP

  • Electric ---- Paralyze, stun

  • Grass ---- Multi-healing move

  • Ice ---- Freeze, freeze resistance

  • Fighting ---- Pure dmg move, few effects

  • Poison ---- Poison by % per turn after using skill

  • Ground ---- Multiple moves that deal massive damage

  • Flying ---- Many dodge moves

  • Psychic ---- Attack skill (reduces enemy armor and magic resistance) and strange effects

  • Bug ---- Normal

  • Rock ---- Free from freezing, still stunned

  • Ghost ---- Many strange skills, enchantment, hypnosis

  • Dragon ---- The skill has no effect, but the damage is very high

  • Dark ---- Strange attack, counter damage, weaken

  • Steel ---- High Defense

  • Fairy ---- Auxiliary skill, low damage (reduce enemy attack and increase your own attack


Elemons are divided into 2 types of Purity: Pure and Hybrid. "Pure" Elemon is stronger than "Hybrid" Elemon.


B, A, S, SS, SSS. The rarity is determined based on an overview of all the elements constituting a Elemon including stats, skills, and purity in order for users to easily assess the strength and weakness of Elemon compared to other elemons.

Body part

Each elemon has up to 6 separate bodyparts that add stats to champions.

Similarly, a champion with a bodypart has an additional level of rarity to make it easy for users to recognize as follows:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legend

  • Mythical


The number of skills for each element is different. Minimum 1 skill opens at the beginning, maximum 4 is unlocked gradually according to the number of Elemon stars (3, 6, 9 stars). Skills can be leveled up.

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