Featured function


Players can participate in top-level racing activities, battle force, ....with other players and rank up to receive generous rewards.


Equipment specific to each Elemon, giving power stats directly to Elemon.

Each Elemon has a total of 6 types of equipment corresponding to the HP, P.ATK, M.ATK, P.DEF, M.DEF, and Speed stats. We will launch these equipment sets one by one according to the updated plan in the development roadmap.


Elemon system will automatically assign quests for players that consist of daily quests, series quests for each week and month.

The reward will correspond with the level of quest required.


A place for selling resources that can upgrade Elemon as well as their equipment.


When the Elemons reach a certain level and star, Players can conduct mutation and hybridization to evolve into a completely new Elemon in terms of appearance and stats superior to the old Elemon.

Players use ELMON tokens to participate in this feature.


Based on player level ranking, Elemon level, and battle strength, we will hold top racing events and do separate events with great prizes.

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