Cryptocurrency has been used to solve varying challenges in the past such as allowing users to send data in a decentralized and transparent way without the involvement of external bodies and 3rd Parties. Cryptocurrency has also been widely adopted because of the nonexistent need for an intermediary (such as a financial institution) that makes the cost of transactions ridiculous. In the same way, Elemon seeks to leverage the advantages of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to give back to society in a way that has not been fully exploited.

Elemon hosted on BSC - is a platform that features tokenized Digital creatures in a virtual universe. This leverages the unique feature of Non-Fungibility that ERC-721 offers. ERC721 is a standard for representing ownership of non-fungible tokens, this implies that each token is unique such as in collectibles or real estate.

Elemon aims to be the first ecosystem to combine the thrill of gaming and the value of digital collectibles, transforming it into the digital creature’s universe. Elemon will make use of a nextlevel NFT- based gameplay and integrate it with a blockchain-based decentralized financial system, making the game not only for fun but also an investment.

Our Motivation and Why?Why BSC?Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens

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